Paris International School on Advanced Computational Materials Science

Teaching Program

This school trains the new generations of young researchers for the traditional as well as most advanced methods of atomic and molecular calculation.

Based on a very unique courses/projects combination, this school  covers a wide range of technics, from micro to macroscopic approaches. 

The following topics and methods will be addressed: 

  • Introduction to “classic” methods such as molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo
  • Introduction to the theory of functional density
  • Courses/lab day on very advanced topics such as ab initio molecular dynamic and metadynamics. 
  • Advanced thermodynamics / Lattice-Boltzmann methods
  • Monte-Carlo quantic 

Helpful facts

Who can apply?

-- Taught in English-- 


24-29 august 2015


Pierre-et-Marie-Curie University, Paris

Audience :

Master’s students/PhD candidates/postdocs/junior researchers

How to apply?

Registration : 

Fees: € 120  (free for students from Sorbonne Universités member institutions) 

Contact for information: Marco SAITTA marco.