New challenges for research in biodiversity and ecology of micro- and macro-algae

L'algue rouge Gigartina skottsbergi

Teaching program

This international school focuses on recent development on biodiversity and alga biology. It is organized in partnership with the Diversity, Evolution and Biotechnology of Marine Algae research network (GDRI DEBMA) and the Evolutionary Biology and Ecology of Algae International Joint Unit (UMI EBEA).

The school offers a unique opportunity for dialog on alga biodiversity and sharing of expertise between members of an international network. Focusing on seaweed, the program will highlight their role in climate regulation and the impact on human activities (aquaculture) around the world.

Taking place in the remarkable and unexplored region of the strait of Magellan, the program combines courses and exploratory research activities.

Three main themes will be addressed:

  • Marine biodiversity
  • Populations’ genetics, genomics and communities ecology
  • Consequences on global change

Helpful facts

Who can apply?

--Taught in English-- 

Dates: December 2015

Location: Puerto Natales (Chili)

Audience: Master 2 students and PhD candidates, Post-docs from Universities in France, Chili and Brésil

How to apply?

Contact for information and registration:
Applicants must send their resume and a motivation letter to Barbara Raffenne (

Registration fee: None

Contact for information: Myriam Valero ( and Sylvain Faugeron (