International Developmental Biology course : from stem cells to morphogenesis

Teaching program

This school offers a synthetic overview of the most recent and diverse developments in embryo and stem cells biology. 

The total duration of the school is 5 weeks: 3 weeks of workshops at the Pierre-et-Marie Curie University, 2 weeks of conference organized in partnership with the Curie Institute, gathering the best experts in the domain worldwide.

The workshops trains participants for the most recent technics in embryo biology (imaging, transgenesis) using genetic models (C. Elegans, drosophila, zebra fish, mouse) and classical experimental models (birds, amphibians). 

The conferences (1h each, followed by 30-minute Q&A) present the most recent concepts in embryo biology. They highlight the major contribution of embryo biology to research on stem cells and clinical applications. 

Participants can choose between the full 5-week program (20 participants max.) and 2-week conferences program (35 participants max.)

Helpful facts

Who can apply?

--Taught in English--

Dates: September 2015

Location: Université Pierre-et-Marie Curie, Institut Curie. PARIS

Audience: Master 2 students, PhD candidates

How to apply?

Registration :
Applicants must send a resume and a motivation letter.

Registration fee: none